Baroness and Beyond: A New Eleanor Parker Biography

Hello and welcome to the website for the upcoming Eleanor Parker biography, Baroness and Beyond.

We—Amanda Grinstead and Andrew Wickliffe—are very glad you’re here 🙂 As long-time Eleanor Parker fans, it’s a true privilege to get to work on this biography–the world needs more Eleanor Parker in it.

Since we decided on a working title, we thought it was time to properly announce the project. We’re very excited about Baroness and Beyond and we know there are a lot of Eleanor Parker fans out there who will be excited too. While the biography will not just be for Eleanor Parker fans, we’d love to hear from her fans so if you’d like, please leave us a note below.

And if you’re not yet an Eleanor Parker fan, you can still leave us a note! (The book’s for you too, we promise!). In fact, you can even ask for a first Eleanor Parker movie recommendation 🙂

We’ll be updating the site with news at least once a month, so do check back.

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