Site Redesigns and First Project milestones

I’m seeing I promised monthly updates last time but… we’ve been a little busy. But we do have goodies.

After getting the art for the announcement image, we thought it’d be cool to see how more artists would visualize Eleanor Parker so we’ve got a series of pieces coming up. The above image, which you can also see in detail here, is from MINUEL, whose other work you can check out here and here.

As far as book progress goes, this morning we finished the largest set of consecutive resource gathering we envision doing for Baroness and Beyond. It’s a very exciting development (milestone!). 12,000 documents seems a lot less daunting when you’re through them instead of looking forward at them.

We also thought it was time for a more thorough website for the project, including a formal contact page, which you can access on the left. If you have any Eleanor Parker anecdotes, any questions about the project, anything you definitely think ought to be covered in the biography (no promises but we’ll definitely read and consider)… drop us a line.

If you have any interview citations or links… please send it along. We want Baroness and Beyond to be as comprehensive as possible and those two late 2000s interviews are disappearing from the Web at an alarming rate.

In the one more thing department (no promises we can keep one more thinging), a quick share one of Seline Abanto’s illustrations. There will be more, but until then, check out Seline’s other work here.

We’ll be back very soon—it is the Eleanor Parker Blogathon this weekend after all—and starting next week, we’ll also be figuring out a more regular posting schedule.

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